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TSR Finds
So, I almost never visit TSR because of its shadiness, but I was jonsin' for some downloads and decided to see what treasures the Booty could help me find. Links to artisits lead to their page; links to downloads lead to booty. Here are a few of them:

-Some yummy foods by simaddict99:
  1. Chinese Cuisine set
  2. Greek Cuisine set
  3. Indian Cuisine set, Soups, and Salads
  4. Italian Cuisine set
  5. And my favorites, Japanese Cuisine set, sushi set, and sweet ice

These sets all have sub-menus so they don't clutter your cooking tree. (ie, japanese food will be under Japanese Cuisine)

A cute set of functional easels that allow more variety in size & speed of painting, as well as style of canvas and allows children to paint. By AnoeskaB .

Availible here, scroll down to

Some baby-formula only fridges by MsBarrows . Note: different fridges require different EPs, so you should look at the TSR page to figure out which are compatible for you and remove those from the folder after unzipping. They're repository so they should take recolors you have of the full fridges. Availible here, scroll down to

ETA: And a lovely FREE set of pies and cheesecakes by exnem :)


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