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Rescue Me! 2 Strong Female Sims for Download
Hello, all!  I decided to indulge myself and make a couple slightly-nerdy simmettes for my amusement. Perhaps someone else out there might also like them? Read more below!     

This was a sim I've been itching to make for awhile! Her name is Karui, and she is based of a somewhat minor character of the same name from the manga Naruto. Mostly, I just really liked her character design, and her hair seemed like the perfect excuse to use one of my favorite Pooklet unnaturals, tetryl. Karui is a kunoichi (female ninja) in Naruto, so as a sim she could be fit and active, and would probably do well in Military or Intelligence careers.

Her hair is a rather old Peggy mesh, retextured in Pooklet's V3 textures and their Tetryl action. The bone assignment is a little weird, but it doesn't seem to clip anything on the sim that I noticed when taking pictures. The hair is availible for all ages and is in the Custom bin; Elders go grey. Her eyes are a yellow recolor I made of Trapping's Reflections eyes (which is the set I currently use for most of my sims), with some of sugarandcaffeine's eyekit stuff added to the eyetexture (eyering, pupil, shine).

Karui is availible with and without CC. Without CC, she is packed with Red hair, Green eyes, and S4. For reference: CC-List

This second sim is one I've probably tried to make for, hmm, about 4 years? Mostly I've always loved this Sunair hair and thought it would be perfect for her, but my skills in rexturing it and finding and appropriate outfit were never satisfactory. So I finally just decided to do a looser, "modern times" interpretation of her.

Meet Talim! She's inspired by a playable character of the same name from the Soul Calibur series. Talim is a young Priestess in the Village of the Wind Deity, skilled in the use of Tonfa (a type of chinese weapon). Talim is brave and kind, with good intuition. She would do well as an Adventurer or maybe even Law Enforcement.

Talim's hair is a Sunair retexture by me in Pooklet's V3 textures and (probably?) Dynamite action. The hair is only availible for YA-Elder, but I've removed the unneccesary ages. Elders go grey. Talim's outfit is a recolor of a H&M stuff outfit by me, enabled for YA-Elder.

Talim is availible with and without CC. Without CC, she is packed with Black hair, Brown eyes, and S3. For reference: CC-List

I hope you enjoy! :)

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I love them both! I also love the fact that you retextured hair just for them; it adds a little character :)

Thank you! :3

Thank you!

I really tried to use a hair I already had for them, but nothing ever looked "right."

They're so cute! Thank you for sharing :D

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