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3 Young Adult sims for download!

Today I have for you 3 Young Adult sims to download, in CC and CC-free flavors. (I even tried to keep the CC pretty minimal.) Please be aware that this life stage requires the University EP!

Now, onto the sims:

Nuri Voss is a studious sim of mixed-species heritage (she's part Alien). She might enjoy rushing a Greek house in your game, but only if it won't ruin her grades! She has scholarships to maintain, you know.

Download Nuri Voss
Download Nuri Voss WITHOUT CC

(CC-Free packaged with: S4/Alien eyes/Black Hair/Fat morph)

Raphael Carruth is a natural math and computer whiz. He just 'gets' a lot of things, and is used to coasting through classes without having to study. For the few classes that give him trouble, though, Raphael has heard the grade database is notoriously ill-protected from hacking...

Download Raphael Carruth
Download Raphael Carruth WITHOUT CC

(CC-Free packaged with: S3/Brown Eyes/Black Hair/Facial Hair/Glasses)

Ryan Federline wants to learn about life. What's the point in developing trade skills without developing yourself as a person? Ryan wants to try every hobby, take every class, meet every dormmate, and will probably change majors 5 or 6 times. It's the journey, man, not the destination!

Download Ryan Federline
Download Ryan Federline WITHOUT CC

(CC-Free packaged with: Alien skin/Dark Blue eyes/Red Hair/Elf ears)

Hope you all enjoy! Please let me know if anything is wonky. Comments are loved <3

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They all look great! I love Nuri :)

Thank you! I'm glad you like her :)

Just wanted to let you know your sims are gorgeous! Hope you don't mind if I add you and watch for updates. xD

Thank you! And that's perfectly fine; hope it's alright that I add you back ;)

Sure, that would be great! I love making new sim friends. :D

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