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Joan's hair - 4 recolors/alpha edits of XM Sims 79

Why Joan's hair?  Joan is a (gorgeous) red head on the show Mad Men, which I marathon-watched 3 seasons of not that long ago, and it has been affecting my brain.  In lieu of new episodes, I figured some simmerizing was in order!  So I nabbed this cute XM Sims mesh, alpha'd off the flower barette and scraggly nape-hairs in the back, and slapped on my favorite Pooklet colors (plain ol' XM textures though; they seemed fine to me).  Red (Pyrotechnic) is above, here are the others I did:

From left to right: Incendiary, Dynamite, and Depth Charge.

Additional views: right side, left side, back*, and bonus.

*Note: This picture shows the nape-fringe that I alpha'd off in the final version, but the old version snuck in when I was taking pics.  Rest assured, the brown in the .rar is the correct one.

But!  You say, I like [some other Pooklet color] better!  Not to worry, I've included the .bmps for the base blonde if you want to make any more recolors yourself.  Although, its just a recolor, so you could easily nab XMS's palest blonde and apply the Pooklet action as easy as downloading this, but its here if you want to save yourself that first step :P

What else?  Ah!  I'm very sorry, but this mesh did not come with an elder age.  I've removed the age from my recolors so your elder hair bins won't be cluttered with some random Maxis hair with a custom star.  All textures have been binned and familied, mesh is included, and the packages are compressorized.  This is my first time sharing a hair, and I've nervously checked it like a billion times, but if something went horribly wrong please let me know so I can suck less in the future?
I also have a bonus goodie!  You may have noticed... Joan is a voluptuous gal!  This sim is using Warlokk's Classic Pinup body shape, which I downloaded just for her.  However, I wasn't happy with any of the skintones adapted to this shape, so I decided to enable Pookle's My Poor Lover skintone #2 to be compatible for this body shape.  You still require all of the proper meshes for this to work; this skintone will just retain the Pinup shape while nude.  For the complete effect, you will also need to download clothes tweaked for this bodyshape -- I find Insimenator has a good selection for these.  Again, let me know if you have any problems with this, and feel free to ask me if you're still not sure on how to use a custom bodyshape or have a WCIF :)

Edit: I've uploaded the Joan sim in the previews for those that want to download her. Here is a body shop preview and a list of custom content she is packaged with. I've added the mesh for her lashes to the .rar since it wasn't included in the package.


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*blush* Thank you so much! I love the hair retextures you do; your Pirate hair is my favorite.

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