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Resources Part !: Defaults
Things have been changing a lot for me lately, mostly in good ways.  talon83636
(boyfriend) and I moved in together recently, finally, and our new apartment is pretty spiffy.  He had built his dream computer shortly before I moved here that I am going to steal and so gifted me his 'old' one, which is still tonnes better than what I was using before (srsly look at any of the pictures I've ever posted here).

I'm being pretty careful about what crap I'm moving over from my old downloads, mostly trying to recategorize, make sure nothing conflicts, and see if I can still find the original downloads.  Because I've always wanted to share my resources, and for my own reference if I ever have to go through this again like when I steal that computer of his mwah I'm posting my current Approved Files For New Gameringtm.

A few of these I couldn't find pages for :(  If you're desperate to find any of the non-linky ones yourself, leave a comment and I can try to upload/PM a link for you.  Or better yet, if you know where on the interwebs these files can still be found, please share a link and I'll edit my post.

This post to be updated as I Approve more files.  Currently just defaults are listed.


-Skin from Pyxis' Turn on Me Alien Blend (Unspotted)
-Alien Eyes from Nilou's Last Day of Magic set

-Skin from Pyxis' Fresh and Wilt default from her Venice Supernatural set
-Hair from Almighty Hat's Make Like a Tree set (I use 'Oak')
-Ideal plantsim by nettness, Liberty Martin from here
-Clothes by sausage from her Default Replacement Plantsim Clothes set, in Pale Olive

-Pyxis' Snow default from her Venice Supernatural set

-Rensim's Dumas Vampire Overlay (tried to find a link, but her site appears to be gone :(?)

Witches & Wizards
-Javiera's Witches Dancing witch outfit defaults
-Epiphany's Aikea's Black Planet Outfit as Witch Default Replacement wizard outfit defaults
-HP's Normal Skin for Good and Evil Witches
-Witch/Wizard hat edit to match the above defaults; linked below w/ her other defaults for AL

-Skin from Fantasy Rogue's Canvas Skinset

-I use Pooklet's My Poor Lover skintones as defaults
 -Note: The shades I use don't match the default package in the above link; I use shades 2, 3, 4, 5 as s1-s4

-Juri Anne's Looking For Group Eye Set

-Base Game hair replacements by Aquilegia here
-University & Night Life hair replacements by Javiera here
-Open for Business & Glamour Life hair replacements by Ja here
-Seasons hair replacements by Ja here
-Celebration hair replacemtns by Ja here
-Bon Voyage hair replacements by Ja here
-Teen Style Stuff hair replacements by Ja here
-Free Time hair replacements by Ja here
-Kitchen & Bath hair replacements by Ja here
-Apartment Life hair replacements by Ja here
-Mansions & Gardens hair replacements by Ja here

Facial Hair
-Fantasy Rogue's Default Facial Hair in Pooklet's colors

-Helaene & Serasims brows made default by Corvidophile (can't find working link anymore)

-Helaene/Kamikitten/LaPink Blush defaulted by dominopoker (non-english site)
-Club Crimsyn costume makeup made into default replacement costume makeup by Aquilegia
-SironaSims' default of Helaene lashes (can't find working link anymore)
-Aquilegia's No More Spackle default lipsticks
-Sphinx287's default of Anva's eyeshadows here

-Phaenoh's Rose Colored Glasses Went Out with the 70's- Default Replacements for Maxis Glasses

-Alfred Askew's Non-scary Zits Default Replacement Textures

Face Templates
-Alfred Askew's Milkshape Edited CAS Template Dump in 09Appley, 14Chris, 15Toothy and 19Helena
-Katuchan's Default Face Replacements 2: Electric Boogaloo in 3, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 17, 22, and 24
-Katuchan's Large-Eared Elf Face Template
-Terrakosmos' CASface Replacements in 2, 4, 5, 7, 11, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 26 and Alien
-Pentabet's Long Elfin Ears -Now Hereditary! for 01Heart


Other Sims Defaults

-Fakepeeps7's Little Llama Baby Outfits in green/yellow (I use it for boys)
-Fakepeeps7's Little Bear Baby Outfits in yellow, version for girls only found HERE

Age Clothes Conversions*
-All Adult/Y.A. Clothes made available for Young Adults, Adults, and Elders by Sim-Wolf (I use all packages except Base Game and AL)

Catalog Re-organizers
-Phaenoh's Great Clothing Migration (I only use Base Game and AL packages)*

Build Mode

-Marantah's Away You Ugly Thing! - Wall Top Texture Replacement
-CatherineTCJD's Maxis wallpaper as wallpaper Wall re-organziers
-Fway's Invisible Garden Plot Bases
-Phaenoh's White Roof Trime Defaults
-Psychosim's Default Wall with scale and Floor Edge grey


-crabofdoom's It's Romance, Not a Carnival Ride hot tub replacement meshes & recolors
-crabofdoom's Default Quaint Gate Minus Heart Hole
-joninmobile's Default Replacement College Assignments Composition Notebooks in plain
-joninmobile's Clippings! Simlish Freetime Hobby Magazine Replacements
-joninmobile's Pizza Box Default Replacements, in Pizza Hut (also Cheese Pizza replacement, can't find link  :( )
-Shoukeir's Oriental Easel Replacements
-HystericalParoxysm's Maxis Bedding Replacements
-Maxis Smoogo revamp (replacements) by psychosim
-Bar Bottle Replacements by engram, in Smirnoff


-NO PLUMBOBS plumbob remover mod by Ja
-Glazed Dinnerware replacements from here
-Psychosim's Plesiosaur replacement for Maxis boats, in green-red
-4amMist's Simlish Durarara chatroom
-bienchen83's Default Aspiration Tombstones in marble
-bienchen83's Default Butterfly Replacements, in blue (number 9)

*The clothing age conversion mod I use conflicts with Phaenoh's catalog reorganizer, but I intentionally only use the parts of these mods that don't interact with each other... I reorganize the BG and AL clothes because they bug me the most, and then have the conversion mods for all EP's except BG and AL.

and P.S. I've been working on stuff for myself as well that I plan on sharing when I have my game in decent enough shape to take the preview pics. So look forward to more from here, eventually.