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3 Sims for Download

Hello everyone, I have a few sims here I've been sitting on for awhile that I thought I'd finally finish off and share. They all started off being based on famous people but I went crazy tweaking them to be more sim-friendly, so it hardly matters who they used to be :P

Everyone here is CC free and alteration friendly. I'm including some ~flavor text~ of what I imagined as I made them, but feel free to play them however you like! It's totally cool with me if you even want to change age, gender, genetics or whatever; I think Ivy makes a pretty dashing man, actually ;)

Onto the downloads!

Download Ivy
S4/Brown Eyes/Black Hair
Ivy likes to live like everyone's watching. She does some freelance work as a DJ when she needs the cash, but she'd rather be the one on the records she spins. Someday, it's gonna be her face on the billboards and all her doubters will eat their words.

Download Anbu
S4/Brown Eyes/Black Hair/Facial Hair
Anbu is a man who likes the little things. His greatest joy is a well-timed joke and he likes to do his stand-up act at the Blurry Llama on Open Mic Thursdays. Anbu is the sim to go to if you want a memorable night on the town.

Download Lilia
S3/Brown Eyes/Brown Hair/Elf Ears
Lilia's trusting nature has let her down many times. She's beginning to think the only sim she can rely on is numero uno. The only constant in her life is her large inheritance, and it's tempting to try to buy herself happiness.

Hope you enjoy them!

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(Deleted comment)
I LOVE love your descriptions -Ivy is particularly toothsome :D Thanks for sharing them!

Thank you! Ivy probably took me the longest to finish.

I'm glad you like her! She's a very expressive sim :)

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